Pelajar Malaysia Menang Tempat Kelima Miss Universe Malaysia New Zealand

Nurul Zuriantie Shamsul telah mengharumkan nama Malaysia apabila menduduki tempat kelima dalam pertandingan ratu cantik Miss Universe Malaysia New Zealand 2018. Nurul antara 20 finalis yang mara ke peringkat akhir.

Nurul berpindah ke New Zealand ketika berusia lima tahun lagi. Nurul juga pelajar tahun akhir Psikologi di Universiti of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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Alhamdulillah. When I became a finalist, I wrote a letter to God. For months I would be praying the same thing and on the day of the Grand Finals I opened up the Quran and everything that I have been praying for for the past four months, Allah has answered back to me in the verses that followed. Subhanallah. I have never experienced anything so beautiful in my life before. I remember reading it and crying because He reminded me again that he is always with me, guiding me and protecting me. These past four months has been the most difficult. There were so many things that didn’t go my way but each time it did, something much better came around. Alhamdulillah. After I finished crying I felt so calm and content. I knew that whatever happens on that stage, it was for the best because God has written greater things for me. So when I was on stage for the Grand Finals I wasn’t nervous at all, I was actually super excited! Miss Universe New Zealand has been an amazing experience, one I will always be grateful for and will never forget. I have grown so much as a woman and it has opened so many opportunities already. Alhamdulillah. Always renew your intentions. Have full faith and Tawakkul. Your prayers are being heard. And no matter what happens, just remember that Allah is either protecting you or there is something better that He has planned for you! May Allah ease our affairs, grant us happiness, success and peace. Amiin! “And hold fast to Allah! He is your Protector- The best to protect And the Best to help!” Quran (Al Hajj) 22:78 💖💖💖

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Tahniah dari kami kerana Nurul salah satu peserta bertudung pertama yang berjaya ke peringkat akhir walaupun di tempat kelima. Tahniah!

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