Nora Danish Kongsi Kenapa Lahirkan Ney Ney Awal

Kelahiran Mohamed Neqayl memberi cahaya kepada Nora Danish dan Nedim. Keceriaan mereka sekeluarga menyambut Ney Ney memang begitu meriah. Malah rasa terharu melihat kebahagiaan mereka sekeluarga. Dalam pada itu, sebenarnya ada kisah disebaliknya. Rupa-rupanya Ney Ney dilahirkan tidak cukup bulan.

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First and foremost I would like to thank Allah for blessing us with NeyNey and to all my family, friends and followers for your thoughtful prayers. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the 22nd of February 2018 and he weighed about 2.97kgs. NeyNey’s due date was supposed to be on the 9th of March but he decided to greet the world earlier. 💜 Alhamdullilah, for a premature baby he was healthy and full of life. I would have loved to deliver NeyNey naturally but was advised by doctor Aziz to perform a C- section because after a thorough check I was told that I had 2 fibroids and they are extremely dangerous. I was really lucky and blessed by Allah with a successful delivery as these fibroids could have caused a miscarriage or I may have even ended up in the ICU. I personally would like to advise all the women planning to have a child at some point to have your doctor check thoroughly for any fibroids and have them removed. I was very lucky that both NeyNey and myself is in good health and I praise Allah for his blessings and to my doctor Dato Aziz , I thank you for your professionalism and care who also happens to be my gynaecologist for both Rayqal and NeyNey. #mohamedneqaylnedim™️

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Jika diikutkan, Ney Ney dilahirkan pada 9 Mac namun terpaksa dipercepatkan kerana Nora mempunyai dua fibroid yang mana amat membahayakan ibu dan anak. Nora mahu bersalin secara normal namun atas nasihat doktor, terpaksa membuat pembedahan.

Nora juga menasihatkan supaya wanita yang mahu menambah bilangan anak, membuat
pemeriksaan doktor terlebih dahulu. Yelah, mana nak tahu kalau ada masalah lain kan. Perkongsian Nora ini sekurang-kurangnya memberi pengetahuan buat kita semua.

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